January 28, 2019

Who We Are



To always put God on top of every task.


To be able to speak the truth and be transparent.

Respect & Loyalty

To have a sense of openness regardless of indifference in views and opinions & to be able to stay no matter how tough the situation is.


To have the willingness to be a team player or a team leader when needs arise.


To be mindful of always putting the fun aspect in any given situation.

About Us

We are a provider of top-of-the-line and premium educational materials and equipment that helps modernize traditional classrooms into a state-of-the-art learning field.

We aim to provide a quality educational experience through our products that are innovative & technologically progressive integrating a child-friendly interface. Our commitment starts with the assessment of what our clients need to after sales follow up, teacher’s training and system and hardware maintenance.

Mission & Vision

We deliver quality educational materials to enhance the skills and ignite the curiousity of every Filipino student to be the best they can be.      

Eridanus Marketing Corporation aims to produce internationally-competitive students with excellent creativity and innovation through its educational products. 

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