April 12, 2019

Events: Robotics Workshop

Last April and May 2019, representatives from different schools from Santa Rosa City, Laguna attended the Fischertechnik Robotics BT Beginners workshop to understand the build and program concept of robotics. Browse through our gallery below to see the sample robotics models we showcased on the event.

Fischertechnik STEM Robotics BT Beginners

Elementary students of Santa Rosa assembles the wires needed to build twelve (12) models using just only one kit, Fischertechnik STEM Robotics BT Beginners.
The students and teachers listen to the step-by-step procedure as discussed by our Technical Support Associate, Mr. Vincent Angelo Publico.
A total of 18 elementary and 8 high schools with 5 students and 3 teachers per school attended the series of workshops.
For every model, our Technical Support Team teaches how to properly create a program to efficiently utilise per item. Our Technical Support Officer, Mr. Ronald John Balbaira, has a wide background in Information Technology and had his training at Hewlett Packard for 5 years.
Towards the end of the workshop, Eridanus Marketing Corporation held a friendly competition called Fischertechnik RoboLympics to assess the students on their skills which was facilitated by the Technical Support and Administrative Department.

Elementary School Division
1. Tagapo Elementary School
2. Caingin Elementary School
3. Pulong Santa Cruz Elementary School
4. Macabling Elementary School
5a. Santa Rosa Elementary School - Central 1
5b. Dita Elementary School

High School Division
1a. Santa Rosa Science & Technology High School
1b. Pulong Santa Cruz National High School
2. Don Jose National High School

Congratulations to the TOP 9 teams of the first round of
Fischertechnik BT Beginners Competition!

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