January 28, 2019

Our Products: Interactive Charts by Popar

Interactive Charts | Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom by Eridanus is the most technologically-advanced way to teach topics and lessons to today’s students. Teachers have more time to focus on teaching students by using the Smart Classroom as the topics and lessons* are already pre-loaded in the system**. Students are proven to be more engaged and invested while listening which made possible through interactive approach.



Software Content / Topics and Lessons*

Geography & Nations

Human Anatomy

Periodic Table of Elements

Solar System


Hardware Components / System**

Interactive Chart


Wireless Receiver


Software and Operations Training
1-year Parts Warranty
Lifetime Service Warranty


1 Chart = 5 Tablets

Bundle of 3 or 4 Charts

We customise based on your preference, please drop us an e-mail for any questions you may have in mind.

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